A friendly user management tool :

Terragri is a friendly user parcellar monitoring software for your farm, from the field to the silo, from the vineyard to the tank

Just a few clicks to register your field operations

  • Calculate your Fertlization plan
  • Edit your parcel monitoring and administrative documents
  • Edit data either on a synthetic or detailed way

Monitor and Benchmark your profitability

  • Calculate your cost price
  • Benchmark your results with your group’s average
  • Manage your stocks with a commercial lot management

Freedom of Work anywhere, anytime

  • Register  your tasks on field after you  operate them
  • Get instant access to your results  24h/24h
  • Secure your  data  with 100% secure internet storage
  • A secured access for each user with an encrypted login and password

You decide whether you want to share information with your partners  such the technical group you belong to or your co-operative.