Exchange real time data anywhere with your co-operative members.

  • Built on a  shared Php data base on a Saas mode, Agri-intranet solutions enable you to monitor the production’s specifications and traceability
  • They enable farmers to register in real time  their field production operations thus preventing double entry system
  • Agri –Intranet application are  highly adaptable to your objectives and organisation

Each user has got a special profile and special rights . We exclusively develop on Open Source technologies which are interoperable with the market main standards. We host either in ASP mode or on specific servers as you wish to.

Benefits for each user :

You administrate the data base setting a specific profile for each user : farmer, technician, quality control manager, salesman…

  • Each user gets access to the data in accordance to its specific rights.
  • The farmers manages its own data but can also benchmark himself to the group(s) he belongs to
  • The technician uses the farmers’ data to advise him on crop’s production..
  • The quality control manager asks the internet data base  and prints non conforms items.

Some other benefits

Freedom of Work anywhere, anytime

  • A real time and 100% sure  storage of your data
  • A secured access for each user with an encrypted login and password

Accurate decision making with Easy data management

  • Totally compatible solutions with  your information system ( Extranet, web portal)
  • Data can be exported to EXCEL  and statistically used
  • CUSTOMISABLE reports for each user

Time saving

  • No software to download on your computer
  • Automatic and synchronized updates for every user in your organization
  • Easy to use and friendly User Interface