A self tailored TYPE IT ONCE entry system

Totally interoperable data interchange data based on United Nation Economics Commission for Europe  (UNECE /CEFACT being  a branch of UNECE for data normalization) AGRO EDI international standards developed by agri-business major actors.

  • It tends to “TYPE IT ONCE”, entry systems reducing retyping errors and increases your cooperative’s efficiency.

Great benefits :

  • Provides you a full traceability on the production you set under contracts with farmers
  • Is a high cost effective  way to answer growing administration requests (as example : information about the volumes and quality  you collected  for FRANCE AGRI MER AGENCY or accounting information).
  • Enables you to generate  high value information  relying on  cross exchange of  standardized data  with your partners

Agri Intranet helps you to :

  • Choose the most cost effective solution according to your organization
  • Exchange standardized data thanks to Open Source technologies and AGRO EDI standards