Common use machinery co-operative and Field work company


A way to maintain profitability is to reduce mechanization costs by common investment. Satellite technology and Internet also allow you to connect satellite imagery with yields maps for example.

Our on line  management software include these benefit and target easy data transfer between common use machinery co-operative, field work company and the farmers

Get maximum interoperability

  • Enables you to generate  high value information  relying on  cross exchange of  standardized data  with your partners
  • Exchange standardized data thanks to Open Source technologies and AGRO EDI standards
    • Our expertise ranges from electronic data interchange to farm management software

Choose Agri Intranet

  • We are member of AGRIMIP agronomics’ competitiveness cluster and  part of the work group  “ Stars’ Earth” made with  the aeronautics’ world class competitiveness cluster AEROSPACE VALLEY. This work group aims at boosting innovative projects for agriculture using cross sector’s expertise and gathering research, academics and companies mainly from MIDI PYRENNEES REGION. In this context we are part of applied research projects.